pa amb tomàquet


Because it’s important to get all of the details right too… pa amb tomàquet, aka pan con tomate or pan tumaca (English: bread with tomatoes) is an important supporting cast member to add to your repertoire, and a dish that Catalans eat with, like, every meal. Ok, I exaggerate, but truth: Catalans eat it a lot. It’s the bread and butter to their supper table. There are different ways to make it – you can toast the bread (or not), rub it with garlic (or not), rub the tomatoes directly on the bread, then drizzle on olive oil and sprinkle salt, OR, do it the way I like it: grate the tomatoes over a bowl, add olive oil and crunchy salt (about 2 parts tomato to 1 part olive oil) then spoon it over your toasty bread. No recipe needed: try it, see how you like it, and repeat. And serve with a tasty protein, like tortilla española, sardines, or what I’m doing this weekend: egg salad with capers. Cocinamos! (and scroll down for weekend diversions)





weekend diversions 




15 thoughts on “pa amb tomàquet

  1. Mm, we had this a ton when we were in Barcelona this past March, and I’m happy now to have found a decent recipe to match what we had on the other side of the pond! Thanks!

  2. I have made this many times, but just haven’t found the “right” tomatoes to use. I live in Ontario, Canada close enough to Toronto, where I can buy anything possible. What tomatoes have worked the best for you?

    1. Depends – if the tomatoes are those bright red, juicy ripe guys, use those and you can even rub them right on toast and pour evoo on after. If they’re harder, like plum tomatoes, blend with evoo and pour it on.

  3. So simple but so good but I’ve only ever truly enjoyed it in Spain and hardly ever in the UK. I used to hate tomatoes when i grew up in UK; they may look perfect but tend to be insipid. It wasnt till I moved back to the homeland (Spain) that I realised what a proper tomato actually tasted of.

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