salsa romesco

I know, I know. Back to Spain, you’ve already shared your recipe for salsa romesco! 

But now the Back to Spain secret to salsa romesco has been shared with the world via Food52, and I’m pretty effing excited about it.

Check it out.

What to do now that you know how to make romesco sauce in 4 steps? How bout:

  • have a barbecue
  • invite friends
  • invite enemies too
  • grill up some veggies
  • grill up some meat (if you like that sorta’ thing)
  • spread romesco on everything
  • eat, enjoy, repeat


tomatoes_roasted romesco

romesco_1  romesco_3


11 thoughts on “salsa romesco

  1. We totally fell in love with Romesco in Spain, but we’re nervous we can’t replicate the taste without ñora chillies here in Croatia… Do you perhaps know if you can get them online?

    1. hmmm, not sure about how to order them in Croatia… but you can substitute the ñoras for any other not-too-spicy, mild peppers. the most pronounced flavor is going to come from your hazelnuts, so you can improvise with the peppers. Buena suerte!

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