conservas variadas

What a MOMENTOUS week in history. And it’s about time. I loved the beautiful words of the fellow food lover Frank Bruni on how the Supreme Court’s ruling will change the way Americans feel about the country.

While New York’s West Village hosted a massive celebration of love on Sunday, the pride parade, directly across town I hosted a considerably smaller celebration with a colorful selection of conservas: delicious canned and jarred foods.


So in Spain, conservas are kind of a big deal. Sure, they have their run-of-the-mill canned tuna fish but some of their preserved goods are pure delicacies  – like the anchovies from L’Escala or caviar from Cataluña. Everything that goes into the can matters – the region where the product is from, whether it’s packed with olive oil or salt water or vinegar, the preparation of the product itself. It’s an art that can only be perfected through years of tradition. And for me, the consumer, conservas are the laziest way to make yourself a totally gourmet spread.



The Spanophile in New York knows there’s only one place where you can get all of the things Spanish. And that place is Despaña. They really know what’s up. At Despaña, you can find a ton of authentic Spanish products, from conservas to wine to tortilla española… they even have Vichy sparkling water from Cataluña and Mahou cerveza.


I had a proper lazy Sunday, and went to Despaña to buy a bunch of canned and jarred foods, conservas variadas, and even a few pieces of their tortilla despaña with jamón and peppers. And we mixed up the medicine and made all types of pintxo combinations like maybe you’d see at a bar in San Sebastián: tortilla with roasted red pepper and sardines, and anchovies with anchovy-stuffed olives, all drenched in good Spanish extra virgin olive oil.




Al final, it was a top weekend, on all accounts.


Get your conservas at:

408 Broome Street, New York
NY 10013


5 thoughts on “conservas variadas

  1. Thank-you for this! Two of my five children are gay and as a mother I hope for a world where they can fully be themselves. Now, onto the conservas! I adore tuna packed in oil and hot cherry peppers stuffed with proscuitto and cheese! – She Who Must Be Obeyed (but rarely is)

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