10 NYC places to eat: 2015

This list has been updated as I make my way through it, as indicated by the red text.

In New York, there are new restaurants opening every day. So many good eats, it’s hard to keep track of all of the places you want to try, especially if you, like I, enjoy cooking dinner at home most of the time.

Here, in no particular order, are the eateries I am determined to hit in 2015. These are all places I have never tried. And disclaimer: there is a below-14th-street-bias because I barely ever venture above anymore and I prefer reclaimed wood to white tablecloths. Second disclaimer: this post is NOT sponsored by Major Food Group.* I’m just kinda sweating their style at the moment. Vamos!!

1) Carbone (Greenwich Village): because Carbone. Overrated. $68 veal parm is borderline offensive – and I prefer the one made by my local pizza place to the tune of $12. 

2) Dirty French (LES): because Carbone … the menu seems pretty unoriginal, but I think that’s the point. SAME. Truth: I only went there for lunch but I was underwhelmed.

3) the reopened Mission Chinese Food (Chinatown): because I tried Mission Chinese Food in its original location and the food and the vibe was awesome – I think the waiters are all high on szechuan peppercorns. STILL GOING STRONG. A favorite go-to, even if you can only score a seat at the bar. 

4) Semilla (Williamsburg): because even though I am miffed by tasting menu only joints, I respect the chefs’ veggie-forward approach and love the interior.

5) Huertas (East Village): because I am intrigued by the new, hot Basque restaurant and y’all know how I feel about Basque food. It’s a cozy space that’s just dark enough to make everyone look more attractive. Both traditional Spanish dishes (pulpo gallego) and new Spanish-inspired ones (broccoli rabe, chorizo and pickled garlic). Huertas gets the B2S stamp of approval for dates, friend dates, and group outings (they even have large format dinners called Spanish feasts!) . 

6) Tørst (Greenpoint): because pardon me for sounding like yuppy scum but Greenpoint always feels like an adventure… and I want to sit at the bar and try their good beer and KEDGEREE (smoked whitefish, curry, soft boiled egg).

7) Saltie (Williamsburg): because I stopped in for a turmeric juice once and all the sammiches look amazing and just my style.

8) Bar Bolonat (West Village): because I love the Balaboosta (sister restaurant) cookbook. Meh. 

9) Red Rooster (Harlem): because I’m grossly late to this party and have been wanting to try it for YEARS.

10) Russ and Daughters Cafe (LES): because of my Catskills heritage and because I want to try all of their noshes, despite the initial distress of seeing the $8 price tag on their matzo ball soup.

11) Yopparai (LES): had an impromptu dinner here that was seriously good. “It’s Japanese iZekaya small plates. So it’s fun because you can try a lot. A lot of the dishes at this place were a pleasant surprise in terms of taste and texture – beyond just the usual.” – Anonymous diner 

12) Estela (Nolita): some hits (burrata, sweetbreads), some misses (fluke with uni) but solidly good.


* Major Food Group = the brains behind Carbone, Dirty French, Parm, etc.


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