the lingonberry cocktail


Whenever I hear the word “lingonberry” I think of that scene in The Big Lebowski when the nihilists order lingonberry pancakes in the diner. Can we all take a second to agree that TBL is one of the best films ever made? The characters are so perfect, each and every one of them: the Dude, Donny, Walter, Brandt, Bunny, Jesus, Maude… even the animal villain… a ferret? Perfect. I mean, how terrifying would it be if someone dropped one of those ferocious little rodents into your tub. I can’t even say the word “thorough” without visualizing that scene where Maude sends the Dude to her doctor to get his stuff checked out (“he’s a good man, and thorough”).

To me, the best movies are those you walk out of and scenes keep replaying over in your head. Also, the ones that are meant to be watched over and over again because each time they get richer – you catch on to details that you missed the first time through.

Back to lingonberries, I recently discovered a Nordic Delicacies store in my neighborhood…

My blog is heavily western European but I have a fascination with northern European food and culture, and not just crazy things like reindeer moss and cep mushrooms served at Noma (although my curiosity is piqued by several dishes on that menu, like what could beef tartar and ants taste like?). Maybe it has to do with how different are northern European foods from the Mediterranean variety I’m used to. Take fish: instead of cooked in olive oil, it’s cured, smoked, or baked into a cake. Then again, there are commonalities too, like quality canned and jarred fish (see, e.g. these jarred anchovies from L’Escala, Catalunya versus these canned mackerel filets from Norway).


There’s also marzipan happening in all parts of Europe, especially during the holidays … but in my Nordic spot, they have marzipan that looks like miniature fruits, which wins the prize for best campy gift to bring to a  holiday party.

To celebrate cinematic brilliance, as well as the lingonberry drink concentrate I found in Nordic Delicacies, I’m making  the lingonberry cocktail: balancing the bitterness of  lingonberries with the sweetness of rosé cava and finishing with a zest of orange.

Happy holidays. The dude abides.




  • lingonberry juice
  • rosé cava or semi-sweet sparkling wine
  • orange zest

(scroll down for guidance)


  • Mix one part lingonberry drink concentrate with four parts cava and zest a few pieces of orange on top. Cheers.

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