Davide Ciampi

Puglia, Italy

Meet Davide. At just 21 years old, he has already worked in Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and Nerua in the Guggenheim Bilbao.  He has the passion and tenacity to become a great chef and is currently in the running to become S. Pellegrino’s Young Chef 2015 – the global search for the best chef under 30. After interning at Nerua, he returned home to Puglia, Italy, to apprentice to learn the culinary basics – fish preparation, cheese making, bread baking and more.  I tracked him down in Puglia to do the B2S questionnaire via Skype… Hablamos!

Coffee or tea?

I’m Italian: always coffee!!!

Beer or wine?

Beer. I take it blonde and cold please!

Describe your typical breakfast.

I have a big cup with half coffee (espresso) and half milk. With it I have one biscuit (if I have time for breakfast).

What is your earliest food-related memory?

My grandmother is my earliest food-related memory. Since I was a child, she always prepared the ‘ragu’ – it’s a sauce made with a piece of meat – every Sunday. After she took out the meat and put the sauce on the pasta, she would use the meat for the second course. In the sauce she generally put pieces of sausage and ‘brasciola’ – meat rolled and stuffed with parmigiano cheese, parsley and garlic. When she had time, she would prepare lasagna too.

Describe your ideal sandwich.

Mmmm… I love sandwiches. You can put the whole fridge inside. A long time ago I made my ideal sandwich: eight layers with lettuce, cheese, tomato, bacon, hamburger, mayonnaise, mustard and chili peppers. Afterward, I didn’t eat for two days.

Where would you travel to eat?

Tokyo, Japan. It’s my dream. I would love to learn the culture of Japanese food, both to eat and to prepare… Sushi, temaki, hosomaki, tempura…. They’re easier to say than to do! The culture of Japan is incredible.

Name 5 people you would like to invite to a dinner party.

My best friend Luigi Falcone; my best master chef Txisku of Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao; my cousin, the designer Davide Pedone (especially to photograph the dishes); my uncle Livio (also a chef); and my grandmother.

What are you in the mood to eat right now?

The big sandwich that I told you about before.



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