Last night we celebrated 5,000 visits to Back to Spain. To some of you big bad bloggers out there, this may seem like mere cookie crumbles, but I’m giddy about it. GIDDY.


I’m also feeling motivated to roll out a few end-of-summer posts … chewing on ideas for figs and eggplants and tomatoes (with a guest blog post by my Sisty, Mary Alice) and sojourns to cheese caves in Asturias and vineyards in Rioja (with a highly anticipated visit from my vinophile friend, Ava) and chats with designers and bloggers and artists (oh my!).  Another season may be winding down, but so much to look forward to and so many summer treats to squeeze in during these final days … corn on the cob, lobster rolls, Jersey tomatoes, peaches, huckleberries, sparkling wines … what makes your summer?

My celebratory drink of choice was a cava, Brut Rosé, from Cataluña, Spain, made with 100% pinot noir grapes.  It was a deep pink, a touch sweet, fuller body than your typical sparkling wine and not too dry. We got a little carried away and sipped it all up before I could take a snap of the bottle. Whoops.

Here’s to the last weeks of summer.  Salut!


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